Project isn't supported and will not be receiving any updates. The download and source code are still avaliable and will remain so


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Keyboard shortcuts

List of available keyboard shortcuts supported by Translate.Net:


Start translatingCtrl+Enter
Revert translation directionCtrl+I

Globally accessible from any Windows program

Activate Translate.Net and copy selected text (enabled by default)Ctrl+C+C
Activate Translate.Net and copy selected text (disabled by default)Ctrl+Ins+Ins

Result view

Scroll one line downCtrl+Down Arrow
Scroll one line upCtrl+Up Arrow
Scroll one page downCtrl+Page Down
Scroll one page upCtrl+Page Up


Select next profileCtrl+Tab
Select previous profileCtrl+Shift+Tab
Switch to profile by numberCtrl+1, Ctrl+2 ... Ctrl+9
Change order of profilesHold Left Alt and drag by mouse profiles names

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