Project isn't supported and will not be receiving any updates. The download and source code are still avaliable and will remain so


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"Languages" tab

Used for selecting translation direction in Translate.Net

When you select source language the target list filled with supported target languages. Also tool try to preserve currently selected target language if supported. Please note what here exists two special "virtual" languages:

  • "+Any" - mean all supported languages. Useful when you want to check possibilities of tool. Please be aware - here will be long list of results if you try one.
  • "Autodetect" - autodecting of source language. By now supported only by "Google Translator". I am planned to add "autodetecting" of language feature which will support all engines.

To change translation direction you can reverse translation direction by "Reverse translation direction" button
(shortcut Ctrl + I) or select translation direction from a history of used directions.

Translate.Net supports "input locale catching" - when user change translation direction then input locale tries to change to selected "source" language (if supported by OS). When user change Windows input locale, the latest in history translation direction with selected "source" language activated.

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