Project isn't supported and will not be receiving any updates. The download and source code are still avaliable and will remain so


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Portable version

Portable version is special package of Translate.Net with additional tool (X-Translate.Net.exe) which manage settings and allow to run Translate.Net from any place. This package was originally created as part of big collection of free portable software - winPenPack by Danilo Leggieri.
Alternatively you can run tool in portable mode from command line by use of special command line switches.

Steps to run portable Translate.Net:

  1. Download file from Download page
  2. Unpack content of .zip file to some folder
  3. Run X-Translate.Net.exe file

Portable version has next limitations :

  • Here not possible to use "Launch at system startup" option as it require writing to registry what not a case for portable tool
  • Automatic downloads of updates is disabled, they still can be checked but if found - dialog which redirect to Download page page is shown
  • Due limitations of used features of .Net framework here not possible to run tool from shared drives (network shares)
  • Some users report about problems with running tool with very-restrictive user's rights, like a "Guest" with additional restrictions. I can't repeat this, so if you can repeat this and can spend some time on testing "debug-builds" please contact me

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