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Version 0.1.3493.4408 :

Version 0.1.3476.6875 :
  • Implemented support of DICT servers (RFC 2229) based on bsd-licensed implementation by Milan Negovan -
    • Please note, DICT servers listens on port 2628, so it should be accessible from your pc (Please check firewalls first if it don't work)
    • Added 94 different dictionaries for different languages
    • used 14 DICT servers with server-connections pool and load-balancing of servers, so always used fastest server from avaiable for dictionary
  • Updated support of Google dictionary
  • Fixed support of Microsoft's LiveTranslator - Language autdetect support, new translation directions
  • Fixed support of  - SYSTRAN translator
  • Fixed support of MultiWordNet a multilingual lexical database
  • Fixed support of Multitran - system for translators
  • Fixed format changes of - Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian dictionary.
  • Fixed support of PROMT - Free Text Translator
  • Fixed support of
  • Added support of Open-Tran - The dictionary of translations of open-source software (OpenOffice, Gnome, Kde). 74 language supported. It available only when "Informatics" subject enabled at "Subjects" tab.
  • Implemented support of advanced system-wide keyboard and mouse hotkeys to run translation from any tool
    • To copy text to Translate.Net (and optionally run translation) - select text and press hotkey combination (default Alt+Right mouse button)
    • Allowed to setup any keyboard\mouse combination over "Options" page - "Hotkeys"
      Hotkeys setup dialog
  • Improved feature which allow to automatically switch keyboard layouts based on selected language pair.
    Keyboard layouts setup dialog
    • Created "Options" page - "Keyboard layouts"
    • Added ability to setup mapping from source language to preferred keyboard layout
    • Added option to disable switching of keyboard layouts
  • added support of EQATEC Analytics to track use of tool
  • updated Arabic translation by Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi, 2009-06-09
  • fixes

Version 0.1.3249.6795 :
  • Added support of Microsoft's LiveTranslator - multi-language translator - 25 translation directions
  • Added support of - Polish oriented free online dictionary - Polish to English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Added Greek gui translation by Spyros
  • Added Romanian gui translation by Marius Marusteri
Version 0.1.3232.3509 :
  • Added "intelligent switching" of translation directions based on detected language with help of Google AJAX Language API. This feature can add many benefits by reducing "count of clicks" for retrieving translation, but also can add some inconveniences. Please read detailed documentation about feature.
  • Speedup of user interface
  • Added menu item "Tools\Break translation when application deactivated" (disabled by default) which allow to break translation process on switching to other application. Used to avoid further translation when you already received useful translation.
  • Fixed support of Google dictionary
  • Tooltips for "Languages" tab for languages with long name, solution suggested by Kurt Lettmaier
  • Fixed "Filter of languages" window so it don't show every startup of tool in some cases
  • Fixed support of  reduced sentese length limit to 155 characters, added new subjects
  • Many updates to "Services" tab at language selector - added more informative tooltips, button at top to "enable\disable" service, context menus for services
  • many fixes, thanks to bug reporters : alex.marillo, Nika-2, murat7034
  • Localization creators:
    • Brazilian Portuguese - by Cláudio Mantovani Vieira, 2008-11-03
    • French - by Roger alias Arvil (member of, 2008-11-03
    • German - by Kurt Lettmaier, 2008-10-31,
    • Japanese - by poorman, 2008-10-31
    • Spanish - by Rafael Pérez Cañadas, 2008-10-30
    • Traditional Chinese - by Smallchou Lin, 2008-10-31
    • Simplified Chinese - by Sun Minghao, 2008-10-31
    • Arabic - by Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi, 2008-10-31
    • Swedish - by Hasse Svensson, 2008-11-05

Version 0.1.3201.2086 :
  • Created portable version. It can be downloaded here. This version was originally created as part of big collection of free portable software - winPenPack by Danilo Leggieri
  • Integrated support of new official Google AJAX Language API, support of cross-translation of 36 languages, added Catalan, Filipino(Tagalog), Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Improved/fixed support of Merriam-Webster dictionary
  • Added support of InterTran dictionary, 29 languages, Copyright © 1992-2008 Translation Experts Ltd.
  • Added support of Priberam Portuguese dictionary, Copyright © 2008 Priberam Informática, S.A., by request of Nuno Fonseca
  • Added support of WordNet - lexical database for the English language, Copyright © 2006 Princeton University
  • Added support of MultiWordNet a multilingual lexical database, support English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Romanian, Latin; Copyright © Princeton University, TCC group at ITC-irst, TALP Group at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain), NLX-Group at the University of Lisbon (Portugal), Computational Linguistic Group at the University of Haifa (Israel), "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi (Romania), University of Verona (Italy)
  • Added support of English-Bulgarian dictionary - SA Dictionary Online, Copyright © 2008; Stefan Angelov
  • Added support of - English-German Dictionary, Copyright © 2002 - 2008 Paul Hemetsberger
  • Added support of BEOLINGUS, German to English, Spanish, Portuguese and back, Copyright © 2006-2008, Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Added support of Open Thesaurus for different languages:
  • Added support of Sozluk(te)* Online DictionaryTurkish oriented dictionary, Copyright © 2007-2008
  • Improved support of dictionary Slovnyk. Use new API specially developed by Valentyn Solomko for Translate.Net
  • Added support of Free Dictionaries project 67 languages, Copyright © 2003-2008
  • Added form for filtering languages in default profile (will autorun on first start of tool)
  • Added "Toogle all" feature for "Subjects" tab
  • Added button for searching in Google
  • Added option to place views of results at top (like chats windows) or bottom (like browsers does), and at left or right. Check menu "View\Result view placement"
  • Added ability to change font used in toolbar
  • many fixes, thanks to bug reporters : Holger Hoffmann, zberro samy, peppino, Sandro Osci, M.Mintscheff, Andrea Iachini, Cynthia, Wilhelm Suhr, Claudia Viegas, Smallchou Lin, Kurt Lettmaier
  • Localization creators:
    • Brazilian Portuguese - by Cláudio Mantovani Vieira, 2008-10-03
    • Brazilian Portuguese - by Pix, 2008-08-11
    • Bulgarian - by Стефан Стефанов - Wankata, 2008-10-02
    • French - by Roger (member of, 2008-05-01
    • German - by Kurt Lettmaier, 2008-09-29,
    • Italian - by Enrico (noto Siberio), 2008-06-06
    • Japanese - by poorman, 2008-10-01
    • Spanish - by Rafael Pérez Cañadas, 2008-07-30
    • Traditional Chinese - by Smallchou Lin, 2008-09-30
    • Simplified Chinese - by Sun Minghao, 2008-05-01

Version 0.1.3154.43032 :
  • Added German gui translation. Thanks to Kurt Lettmaier ( )
  • Added Bulgarian gui translation. Thanks to Стефан Стефанов - Wankata
  • Updated parser for Google dictionary. Sync with page design changes, added "Web definitions" support
  • Fixed bug with service detail control at "Services" tab - some time it was clean
  • many fixes, thanks to bug reporters : Cláudio, Serge Menard, Jorge Zavalla, Nuray VATAN, Kurt Lettmaier

Version 0.1.3147.8777 :
  • Added context menu for results view's selected text which allow to translate selection in inverted direction
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese gui translation. Thanks to Pix
  • Check at startup, if another running instance of Translate.Net is already running, in this case, the new application activate old one and stop by self. Can be disabled over "General\Startup\Single instance" option in Options dialog
  • Fixed error with icons of services which after some time of use does not render in results view
  • Updated stability and speed of rendering results, thanks to bug reporters :Coultas Nik, Monica Pinto, Cynthia

Version 0.1.3138.11358 :
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese gui translation. Thanks to Cláudio Mantovani Vieira and Pix
  • Added Spanish gui translation. Thanks to Rafael Pérez Cañadas
  • Fixed bug with Google translator when translated to Arabic language
  • Added support for  - Czech dictionary (Czech to English,German,French,Italian,Spain,Russian and back) - by request of KGG2
  • Added support for  - Czech dictionary (Czech to English,German,French,Italian,Spain,Russian and back) - by request of KGG2
  • Added support for Free Online Urdu-English Dictionary by request of Mustafa
  • Added support for Online English-to-Urdu and Urdu-to-English dictionary, ("Roman Urdu"<->English part only) by request of Mustafa
  • Added support for proxy authentication and NTLM (request by KolA)
  • added "Revert translation direction" button for "Edit services" form
  • Added "Stop" button (shortcut - "Escape" (Esc)) which stop current translation process
  • Embeded web server based on Mono.WebServer source (part of Mono) - used for gui needs
  • many speed improvements and fixes, Thanks to bug reporters : Rodrigo Xible, Junior, Allan Événementiel, Nuno Fonseca, Renk Jacques Peter Aschbacher

Version 0.1.3106.4924 :
  • Added support for PROMT - Free Text Translator  - Multilanguage translator and dictionary, 24 language pairs, Copyright © PROMT, Ltd., 2003-2008. For private noncommercial use only
  • Added support for Multitran - system for translators  - Multilanguage dictionary, 24 language pairs, Copyright © 1993-2008, Andrei Pominov
  • Added Italian gui translation. Thanks to Enrico (noto Siberio)
  • Added Traditional Chinese gui translation. Thanks to Smallchou Lin
  • many fixes, Thanks for reports to Philippe Zufferey and unreal_spam

Version 0.1.3076.37121 :
  • Added support for Yahoo Babel Fish Translator  - Multilanguage translator, 38 language pairs, Copyright © 2008 Yahoo! Inc.
  • Improved support for Merriam-Webster dictionary  - Added Thesaurus, Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary, Copyright © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
  • Fixed bug with Google translator when autodetection of "from" language was enforced
  • many small fixes

Version 0.1.3057.5822 :
  • Google Translator updates:
    • Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish support
    • cross translations support - many new language pairs
    • autodetection of "from" language as new "Autodetect" language
    • Google dictionary new directions: English-Hindi-English, English-Chinese Simplified-English
  • Added support for and  - Polish-English-Polish and Polish-German-Polish dictionaries. Copyright © 2000-2008 ADIPS® Sp. z o.o., suggested by Krzysztof Wiloch
  • Added support for Merriam-Webster dictionary  - English dictionary, Copyright © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
  • many small fixes

Version 0.1.3043.33387 :
  • Added French gui translation. Thanks to Roger (member of
  • Added Chinese gui translation. Thanks to Sun Minghao
  • Added "Translated by" info to GUI language option
  • Fixed bug when applying changes in options (trying to delete not exists key), many users report about
  • Fixed exception on sorting services in some cases. Reported by Keith Sheasley
  • Fixed bug with profiles which translate many language directions at once
  • Fixed exception in Clipboard.CanPaste when clipboard locked by other application. Reported by henri-pierre.chavaz

Version 0.1.3036.9031 :
  • Added Russian translation of GUI
  • Added support for  - The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. GNU Free Documentation License
  • Added support for  - The free dictionary that anyone can edit. GNU Free Documentation License
  • Added support for  - SYSTRAN translator (used by Altavista Babel Fish). 39 language pairs. Copyright © 2008 SYSTRAN S.A.
  • Added new translation directions for Google dictionary. English<->Chinese, English<->Portuguese
  • Support for custom profiles - named sets of translation services
  • Fixed format changes of - Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian dictionary.
  • Fixed format changes of - English-Ukrainian technical dictionary.
  • Fixed format changes of Google dictionary
  • Fixed parsing of - Russian-Ukrainian academic dictionary (1924–1933).
  • Fixed slow-down when typing in "any to any" mode.
  • Many improvements\fixes for GUI

Version 0.1.2992.14256 :
  • Added support for  - bilingual dictionary. From and to English for French, German, Italian, Kerean, Spanish, Russian. Copyright © 2008, Google
  • Added options to setup font for input text control and result view.

Version 0.1.2986.16362 :
  • Added support for  - Ukrainian dictionary of synonyms, dictionary of antonyms and phraseological dictionary (phrase-book). Copyright © ULIF, 2003-2007
  • Added support for  - Ukrainian dictionary of foreign words. Copyright © 2001-2003, Volodymyr Luk'yanyuk
  • Added support for  - Ukrainian-Russian-Ukrainian translator and dictionary. Ukrainian dictionary of synonyms. Copyright © 1998-2008, МТ Company
  • many bugs fixes.

  • added Translators page with list of supported engines grouped by languages and urls

Version 0.1.2965.33849 :
  • Added support for  - translator. English-Latvian-German-Polish-Russian-Ukrainian-French translator. Pragma 5.x on-line translation Copyright © 2008, Trident Software
  • Added support for  - bilingual dictionary. English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English Dictionaries On-Line. 50000 words Copyright © 2006, Mykola Sazhok
  • Added support for  - bilingual dictionary. Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian dictionary. 313917 articles ©2008 Slovnenya
  • many bug fixes. Thanks to Rykmas Pavlo(, Місухіцу (from and Oleksandr Korytskyy for reporting bugs

Version 0.1.2962.17056 :
  • when "from" language changed, control tried to set "to" language to previous value, instead of selecting "Any" (by suggestion of vitaly1 -
  • added more options for result window - "Show direction of translation", "Show accents", "Show names of services" (by suggestion of vitaly1 -
  • Added support for - English-Ukrainian technical dictionary.
  • Added support for - Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of constant expressions (by suggestion of vitaly1 -

Version 0.1.2959.24345 :
  • ability to enable\disable services for selected language pair\subject
  • menus to send feedback and open site added to "Help" menu
  • the result control show changelog web page after update
  • "Updates" tab of options show update statistics - last update time, last and next update check time
  • muted "click" sound of Internet Explorer control on navigating
  • fixed bug with Ctrl+C, which really does cut instead of copy

Site created.

Version 0.1.2953.2644. First public alpha preview release. 6 services, 2 GUI language (English, Ukrainian)
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