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"Services" tab

This tab allow inspect, sort, disable and enable translation services for selected translation direction. As you can see on image here a few areas in tab:

  • "Buttons for sorting" - you can move services up-down inside area where service placed. This feature for usability only.
    Please note what ordering of services don't change order of results - results from fast services will be first and results of slow services will be last.
  • "Enabled", "Error", "Disabled" lists - services grouped by state.
    • "Enabled" - services active for selected translation direction and entered phrase for translation
    • "Error" - services disabled by system for current translation direction and phrase. This is result of some limitation in service, like phrase length, unsupported characters in phrase, etc. Translate.Net check such limits when you type and change state of services. You can click on service name and data panel will show error message for service
    • "Disabled" - services disabled by user for selected translation direction

For each service name, abbreviation of type and "subject" of service (if not equal to "Common") displayed. When you move mouse over service name the tooltip will show type of service.

Supported types of services

TranslatorT Service for translating long phrases and sentences, like "Google Translator"
Bilingual dictionaryBD Translate single words or small sentences. Often show different variants of translations
Monolingual dictionaryMD Dictionaries for single language which returns meaning of words and related information, like Merriam-Webster dictionary
Dictionary of synonymsSD Thesauruses, like Merriam-Webster thesaurus
Dictionary of antonymsAD Dictionaries which store antonyms of words
Phraseological dictionaryPD Returns quotations as samples of using word
EncyclopediaEN Encyclopedias like Wikipedia
Search EngineSE Search words in different bases (like Wikipedia or Merriam-Webster), returns list of links, related to query.
Bilingual phrases dictionaryBP Returns phrases where translated word used. Supported only by Multitran
Bilingual sentenses dictionaryBS Return list of pairs of sentences translated by professional human. Supported only by Multitran

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